By Veronica


This evening's stroll along the beach before aperos at home. Yep, another quiet day. It was S's sister R's birthday, so we had a family Zoom meet this morning, complete with candle-blowing and singing happy birthday. Only the birthday girl and husband had cake and prosecco though. At least it mostly worked properly this time, and we were able to converse about topics other than Zoom.

This afternoon I heard a cat fight and was just in time to see Mystère hurtling back into the garden from the neighbour's terrace. He was actually hyperventilating and went and hid under the table panting, so I think he lost. He had also, to my annoyance, lost his new collar that he's only had for about a week, presumably taken as a trophy by the victor. And, having crashed into the jungle of the garden from the neighbour's wall, he is absolutely covered in prickly burrs. I've got most of them off his back, but the ones on his underside cannot be removed without bloodshed (unfortunately I have never trained him to enjoy being groomed). He is not happy and has been curled up in a ball on the bed ever since. I've told him tomorrow is another day.

Edit: more tranquil a year ago.

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