By Veronica

Fading light

We are dirty stopouts, we didn't get back from our evening paseo till (gasp) nearly 10 pm. This is because of the sheer novelty of being able to sit at a beach bar for the first time in over 3 months. G & T with a sea view, and the happy buzz of chatter that is so much part of Spanish life and has been so sadly missing. A photographer from the local paper passed us by and took a photo of the two attractive young women at the next (socially distanced) table instead. Mind, we probably won't be back, because our two drinks and no tapas cost 12 euros. I do expect G&T in a beach bar to be expensive, but that is going too far.

It was actually our second outing of the day; in the morning we drove into town and I ventured into Lidl for the first time since lockdown. Not a happy experience, there were too many people in there and the aisles are narrower than in Mercadona, so it's impossible to keep your distance. I gave up on half my shopping list in the end; I'll get the rest from Mercadona at a less busy time. Meanwhile S went to the delicatessen that sells foreign food, and I went to the pet shop and bought some more collars for Mystère. Much use was made of hand gel. Then we sat down in a cafe!! And had coffee and tostadas with tomato. Another habit that has become a novelty.

It's been a lovely sunny day; more please!

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