By Bella888

A dilemma

Persuaded Mr B to go for a walk on the Overcliff, at 08:45. Such a beautiful sunny start to the morning.

A few people around, out to avoid the crowds. An older guy doing Tai Chi, another with 70s style long bright red hair dancing and singing alone in a shelter, a few youngsters jogging, and seniors getting out early like us Mainly very civilised. We walked back along an empty back street. Really quite warm, so stripped to my T

Took the obligatory photos. Like them all, so a dilemma which to use. Have put 3 in the extras. Think the main will have to be the gentleman walking past the red hot pokers (imprisoned since the cliff collapsed there).

Made Borscht, Baba Gaboush and a Tapenade. And otherwise spoke to my Chilean relative in LA, and had a call from the friend (of a London friend) who moved here in February. She seems very pleasant and lives nearby, so perhaps when life resumes we’ll meet up.

23:00. Bedtime..... Zzzzzzzzz

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