Morning walkies

Out again. Same walk (more difficult to social distance the other way). Sunny and very pleasant in sun. We were out for 1½ hours.

On the return saw a woman engulfed in seagulls. She lives in a characterful place with by far the largest house number I’ve ever seen. Painted on the front of the house and about 1m high. I think it’s wonderful.

She was feeding the gulls and waved off one with one leg. I fiund myself exclaiming loudly ‘poor thing’. It turned out she knows them all, and had personally taken the ‘invalid’ to a vet to have the then disfigured foot amputated. Apparently it doesn’t let the others get any food, which is why she’d sent packing.

Nothing much else. The usual frustrations, not worth writing about.

23:30 Update: Smelt burning. Mr B naturally couldn’t smell it and thought I was imagining things. Checked the hallway, everywhere, adjacent properties. Then looked at the local paper. See extras ....

23:47 Update: Remembered in time. Got out for the last chance (for now) to see the International Space Station pass overhead.
Thanks to Carolina for today’s Mono Monday ‘People - Low Key Challenge

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