By CleanSteve

A nuthatch on the cabin roof

I've been observing birds in the last few days from the back of the house. I spotted the first two swifts a few days ago which made me smile. I think the recent lack of local activity has been partly caused by the nesting of many of the garden birds. Now it seems they are back in feeding mode. I had worried that many of them may not have survived thew winr=ter, but IU may just be wrong.

The nuthatch pair have been present throughout the winter although not appearing as often as they sometimes do. This nuthatch mostly concentrates on sunflowers from the feeder I hang on the front of the the garden cabin. It is supposed to be squirrel-proof but they seem to be able to get at a few at a time. 

I often see thew nuthatch fly up the garden and then see the squirrel hanging down from the cabin roof and occupying access to the feeder. The nuthatch tends to go to the roof a few feet above to wait, or else it flies up the suet feeder nearer the house, though it finds that harder to reach.

Sitting in the dining room doorway I watched the nuthatch fly up with a sunflower seed and stand on the edge of the roof to peck at it. It is not doing the asphalt roof any favours. 

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