By CleanSteve

Greylag geese and their goslings

We decided to go for a jaunt to Frampton Court lake where we thought we would have a quiet walk and maybe some time at the waterside. There was  a breeze and sunshine with occasional scudding clouds. It was warm.

Helena lay on a blanket and submerged in to thew sounds of nature, mostly birds. I stood beside her on a small promontory in the lake and delighted in seeing a wonderful array of birds. Barnacle geese, swans, hobbies, buzzards, terns, an oystercatcher, lapwings and swifts high above.

I've read that greylag geese always return to the same place to breed and they were certainly here last year. I had a good choice of pictures to blip from and now regret I don't add galleries to my Flickr anymore. Perhaps I should.

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