By mindful_life

Mono Monday - low key

This morning I started how I like to start the day and that was with a lovely run. I did 7.5 miles which was lovely and it was so mild in temperature today that I had to take a layer off. Afterwards I did a lovely long stretch as I am still feeling the 17 miles I did on Saturday.
After my run it was very much business as usual here. School work for the children, editing for me, and my husband working. I did have to call the doctors today as I have recently been experiencing some symptoms which my doctor concluded were related to acid reflux. She prescribed me some medication which has been very effective, although when reducing the dose as she suggested, symptoms came back. They have now agreed I should stay on the higher dose for 8 weeks and revisit it then. 
I was interested to see the theme for mono Monday today and it got me thinking about what I could photograph and it seemed that I am the most obvious person to use. So here I am, in mono, low key.
The rest of today will be very much routine here. Dinner this evening and getting a good rest for tomorrow. 
Today’s quote:
“Just as a solid rock is not shaken by the storm, even so the wise are not affected by praise or blame.”- Buddha

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