By mindful_life

Solo selfie

Today was a day of all sorts! It started with a 7.5 mile run and the usual school/work day at home.

Then after the children finished working I went out in the car with my son. I have barely driven my car but headed to Mrs Honeycombebeach‘s house to collect some jigsaw puzzles from Mr HCB. We maintained social distancing stood outside their house and it was lovely to catch up a little. I knew that they had lots of jigsaws and it is quite a challenge to keep the children occupied and not bored and the jigsaws we have have already been completed several times. I am very grateful to them for loaning us the puzzles, a few of which my daughter has already completed!

This evening I got out my cello and had a play and I recorded me playing Saint Saens The Swan. It is one of my favourite pieces. I sent the video to Mrs HCB - I have just worked out how I could share the video, so here it is!
Happy Tuesday all x

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