Wendy's World

By Wendles56

Skyping with Euan

I pushed myself to go out for a run this morning and felt the better for it.  Then it was time to clean the bathroom floor and the bedroom rug.  The Neighbourhood Window Walk changes again tomorrow to Children's Books so I'm busy doing a quiz based on characters.  Mini neighbours E and W appeared at the window to do the fruit and vegetable quiz and went home with some of the pictures to copy.  

Then, a lovely surprise, a message from Becky to see if we wanted to Skype with a cute, grumpy little chap, which of course we did.  Euan is trying all sorts of foods now and sometimes his tummy needs to catch up, but he was soon occupied with his big fun cube.  When he gets up close to the screen to see us, I could almost reach out and touch his cheek, so lovely. He's 7 months 3 weeks old today.

I've had an email from Blurb with a 40% offer so I think I will be burning the midnight oil tonight to finish the very big family album in order to take advantage of it.

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