By FrankS


This is the theme for today's Mono Monday hosted by Carolina.  Specifically people or person.  Unfortunately when you're in the middle of a virus lockdown, and in imposed self-isolation as I am, one doesn't get to see many people, well not in the flesh, so to speak, mainly only on Zoom.  There is Ann of course, but she's not always a willing subject for my photography.  So I plumped for my old favourite, glass head which has perched on the corner of my desk for a good few years now.  Hope that's OK?

In other news: I finally splashed out and bought myself a new tablet.  I read some reviews, and compared some prices and decided on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Light LTE.  My current tablet, which is coming to the end of its useful life, a bit like me, was an original Samsung Galaxy Tab S, so old it didn't have a number on the end!  It's served me well and I was pleased to see that it can be recycled by returning to Samsung, and they give you a discount if you do so, what's not to like?  Apparently I also get a free book cover.  Although iPads are all the rage, I quite like the old fashioned feel of an Android tablet.

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