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Looking beyond the moment

The past two mornings have been grey enough not to waken me with sun on my face - annoying at the time, but cheering all the same - but have seen me sitting in bed reading Twitter updates and news summaries when I'd have been much better getting on with something. And it's not as if there's nothing to do - somehow I'd abandoned a whole pile of washing that I could have done and hung out in the dry weather, for one thing. 

It didn't get much better with the online Pilates class - I have it on my desktop computer using the whole-screen setting, so that even without specs on I can see what I'm supposed to be doing, but this morning the live video froze after only five minutes and I ended up following the class on my phone. It must've been a comical sight, me doing planks with the phone on the floor in front of me ...

It was after this and the resulting frustration that I started thinking again about how much I need to have some purpose in my life beyond simply keeping it ticking over. So, not just food and exercise, but thought, and results to show for it, and maybe some skill leading to an end product, rather than the passive torpor that can lead to a day sliding into evening before I even notice it.

Today's rescue came in the form of another recording session, this time for a Provincial online service, which took some rehearsal and some effort. Then a walk up the side of the Bishop's Glen, on the opposite side from our recent hiking; there were at least two cuckoos and a great team of blackbirds giving their all among the trees, and the air smelled wonderful after the rain. Everything was absurdly green, with the yellow of the gorse equally improbable.

The yellow flowers in this view of Holy Trinity Church come from the azalea just outside the north wall. I don't think I've ever photographed the church from here; I rather like it.

And finally - have I already mentioned how much I'm enjoying renewing my love affair with Spooks on BBC box sets? 

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