By KatesGardenPDX

A Soaker of a Day

It poured last night, and was still raining hard this morning. Fortunately a break in the clouds allowed for a quick round of golf before the skies opened again just as I returned home in the early afternoon. I worked at my desk for a while and noticed that the rain had stopped so went to the garden in search of a blip. You know what happened next....yes, I got SOAKED! All for the sake of a blip! I took only a half dozen photos, hiding under a tree with the camera under my raincoat. I looked like a spy in my own garden. The one cat that was brave enough to come out was hiding under the hedge and we both dashed back in.

This digitalis, or Fox Glove is one lonely seedling from last year and oddly the only one in the garden. Some years I have many in a variety of pinks, purples and white. This little guy has a big job ahead, seeding itself for next year!

Thanks so much for all of your lovely kind words on yesterday's glowing yellow rose, and my new role with the botanical garden. The meeting went stunningly last night - better than I even had hoped. More on that front as we gain momentum!

I hope you all had a lovely start to your week, and hopefully not a drenching one! Be well and be safe.

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