First Peony

Four years ago during our trip down the Hudson River Valley we stopped at the Samuel Morse House (of telegraph fame) for a tour of the house and gardens.  

There was a beautiful peony garden, and they had tubers from the garden for sale, so I bought three.  I planted them in my garden and for the first two years, there were no flowers.  Last year one of them bloomed and this year once again, only the same one has bloomed.  The other two have quite healthy foliage but no blooms.  I am not sure why. One of the beautiful flowers seemed worthy of a blip. 

Otherwise, it was a cool and overcast day, and the rest of the week is supposed to be the same.  It feels more like early April than mid-May.  

The day just came and went, with not much accomplished.  Sometimes the sameness of each day gets tedious.  I have to do something tomorrow to make it a bit more memorable and productive.  In the meantime, ho hum......

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