By Yorkshirebred

Walking to start the week

Hoped to get out and about before anywhere got too busy today.  However, was son’s birthday so waited to see him first.  He too was setting off for a walk, but wanted to know where I was going so that he could go somewhere different - not cool to walk with your mother!!  Set off up to St Ives - main photo is of the reflections in “Baxter’s Pond” - dedicated to my brother-in-law who was a tree surgeon, and worked up there for many years, and helped to clear the pond area.  Many of the Baxter’s have worked up St Ives - my father-in-law and other members of his family worked on the farm; my husband worked at the Turf Research Station and then on the golf course; another brother-in-law also worked on the golf course, and his son still works there.  Saw P from the bus pass walkers so we walked round together. Social distancing is not one of her fortes!  Other photos in extras - the “babies” were all out and about on the lake - proud parents in first extra!  I could only see 6 cygnets, but hopefully 2 were hiding somewhere! Set too and made Mediterranean Chicken Orzo for tea - added a bit of heat with some chillies - looked and tasted lovely!

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