A meet up with the daughter and the nameless sprog for a perambulation plus pram around the leafiest streets of Trinity. The wee one has put on weight, at last, removing much anxiety from the new and anxious parents.
Home to two huge pieces of news (comparatively, you understand; there is no news) - the King Edwards are nosing their way above surface and we have blue tits in the bird box below the holly tree! What joy.
In other less joyful news, Hearts have been expelled from the Premier league. Much girning, but I doubt anyone else cares over much, and if we’d been second bottom we’d have whooped at Hamilton’s demise. That’s the way of tribal loyalties, me ole son. 
Talking of tribal loyalties, seems we’re not going to get out to play till May 28th at the earliest. By then I expect outside to be very safe indeed. 

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