Made a slow start to the day and really didn't do much. A couple of deliveries arrived.,  One was a fragile item which arrived broken so I will need to contact the seller.  More hassle.   Fell asleep on the sofa for a bit.  Then I stirred myself to walk down to the village as I had a couple of letters to post. Not many people about but those that were out were queuing outside Tesco.  No surprise as it was the only shop that was open.

Back home to settle down for my Zoom Slimming World meeting at 6pm.  13 members were present today.  Good to see the online attendance growing.  I put on 3 pounds due to having a weekend " off plan ".  Just couldn't get my head into healthy eating so I gave in and just ate whatever I wanted ( and I wanted a lot ).  I got back " on plan " yesterday and managed to do a bit of damage limitation so I was quite pleased to find I had only gained 3 pounds as it could have been a lot more.  I'm " back in the game " now and hopefully I can get a loss next Tuesday.

Took my blip shot in the back lane through the allotments.  Lots of new fresh new holly leaves are appearing.  They are a purplish colour at first before turning bright green and then darker green.  Thanks to wrperry for hosting Tiny Tuesday

Musical link HOLLY Hop - by Buddy Holly

Steps today - 6,371

LOCKDOWN TOP 10    WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW ... is Love Sweet Love - By Dionne Warwick

CORONA CLASSIC - Luigi Boccherini -- Minuetto

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