ST JAMES PARK - home of Newcastle United

Just pottered around at home until it was time to get the bus to go to the match.  My ticket said I had to arrive between  1½ and 1 hr before kick off.  ( and I had to take my passport as well ) It was a great feeling to be walking up the the ground with other fans knowing that we were going to watch our team play at last.  Its 15 months since fans have been allowed inside the stadium.

Everything at the ground was well organised.  Alternate rows in the stands were left empty and there were two spare seats between every supporter.  Everyone wore a face mask.  The atmosphere was great even though there were only 10,000 fans instead of the usual 53,000 or so.

The match was nothing special.  Newcastle were up against a poor team - Sheffield United who are bottom of the Premiership and are already relegated.  Newcastle were the better team - but thats not saying much.  They did have a few chances and managed to get a goal in extra time at the end of the first half.  And that was it --- they won 1 - 0. The fans were marvellous - plenty of clapping, chanting and singing to support the players. I was so pleased to be back watching my team.

I just had to post a shot of inside St James Park for todays blip but I think it fits the Wide Wednesday challenge - the theme is " Angles"  Thanks to BobsBlips for hosting.

Musical link LOCAL HERO  - by Mark Knopfler ( this is the song that is played when the Newcastle team come out of the tunnel at the start of the match )

I have added a collage of a few other photos I took at the match.

Steps today - 7,213

CORONA CLASSIC - The Banks of Green Willow -George Butterworth

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