Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


Since lockdown started last March I have been saving £2 and £1 coins in a money tin.  Its a tin with a slot at the top and it can only be opened using a tin opener.  Today was the day when it was completely full and I couldn't get any more coins in the slot.  So I got a tin opener and attempted to open it.  Two different tin openers didn't work.  They moved round the rim but the cutting edges were too short to reach the lid.  So luckily I had one of the old fashioned stab tin openers. It was tough going but I managed it and tipped out the contents on the table.  Then I had to count it.  Would you believe the total was £630.

Musical link -  MONEY On My Mind - by Sam Smith

So it was off to the bank to pay it in.  The bank closes at 2pm  and I got there at 1.30pm.  There was one person ahead of me waiting outside.  This person went in fairly quickly but then I had to wait 15 mins before I was allowed inside.  Paid in my coins and also did a bank transfer to pay the fees for the " Cat Ladies " who will be looking after Tino and Lily when I go to Sussex next month.  By the time I left the bank it was officially closed and a member of staff had to unlock the door to let me out.  Hopoefully I won't need to go to again for  a while.

Did a bit of shopping before coming home.  The weather was lovely - and it actually stayed nice all day with not a drop of rain.... thats a change.

Steps today - 9,270

CORONA CLASSIC - Evening Rhapsody by Joseph Joachim Raff

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