Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


The Wide Wednesday theme today is " Body Of Water" so I decided to head for the Quayside and get a shot of the River Tyne.  Its not a particularly easy place to get to from my bus stop in Gateshead ... and today was even worse.

I got off the bus and took my usual route down past the Hilton Hotel towards the Sage.  You used to be able to take a short cut through the Sage - but the door was shut.  So I made my way round the back.  Then I came across a building site right where I would have walked to get to the Quayside.  They are building a new Arena.  There were signs for pedestrians to follow .... so off I went.  It was like a magical mystery tour  - past a building site on my right and colourful hoardings full of graffiti and murals on the left.  One of the murals even had my surname on it.  I have included it in my Extra collage. After crossing several roads I finally got to the river.   Walked across the Millennium Bridge and took my blip shot looking towards the Tyne Bridge.  Thanks to BobsBlips for hosting.

My Extra collage also includes other views  of the Tyne Bridge, The Sage, The Baltic and The Millennium Bridge.  I have also posted an Extra of a couple of kittiwakes.  There are hundreds of them nesting under the Tyne Bridge and onThe Baltic and other nearby buildings. They are very noisy.

I caught the bus from The Guildhall to the centre of town and had a look in Next and Marks and Spencers.  No purchases as I couldn't see anything I fancied.  Did food shopping in Tesco and Waitrose.

I went to Eldon Square to catch a bus home... it was cancelled so I had to walk to another bus stop - a 10 min walk away. After lots of steps I was glad to get home and put my feet up.

The weather was warm today but mostly dull.

Steps today - 11,743

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