Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


Neil messaged to say that today was the best day for us to have our walk.  He finished work at 2 pm - then he ran the 3 miles  home ( he had already run 4 miles before work ) So I went to his house around 3pm and we set off walking by the river Tyne.  The weather was lovely - warm, sunny with beautiful blue sky.  We walked along as far as the Redheugh Bridge and then turned round. We came back along the upper path.  As we were walking back the sky got very dark and then the heavens opened.  We sheltered under some trees to see if the rain would ease but it got worse so we had to carry on.  We were both soaked to the skin in a few minutes.

When we got back to Dunston Neil headed home and I went to Aldi before getting the bus home.  I got into my PJ's straight away and had a nice cup of milky coffee and a chocolate biscuit. 

While Neil and I were walking I was thinking about the  Mono Monday blip challenge - " rhymes with pick".  Neil suggested we might see a dog carrying a stick - but we saw no dogs at all.   Plenty of sticks though so I asked Neil if he would hold a stick for my blip.  He refused.  I " pleaded "-  but he stuck to his guns. Then, as you can see in my blip shot, he  pretended to " give me some stick" ( meaning to criticise, judge or disapprove of someone for something).  Thanks to laurie54 for hosting Mono Monday.

Musical link    STICK TO YOUR GUNS - by Bon Jovi

I have added a collage showing The Staiths at Dunston, some of the bridges over the Tyne, Neil walking ahead of me and the torrential rain.

TV this evening has been Antiques Road Trip, The Great British Menu and Fawlty Towers

Steps today - 12,429

CORONA CLASSIC - Edvard Grieg - "The last Spring"

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