LILY ( aka the pest )

Just as I was settling down last evening to do my blip comments the site "went down" so I turned my computer off and got on with something else.  I saw on my phone later that it was back but by that time I was ready for bed so consequently I need to play "catch up" this evening.

My blip is Lily.  So why have I called her a pest.  Well Tino and I were fast asleep early this morning but Lily wasn't.  She must have been wide awake, bored and wanting attention. I heard her crying in the bedroom - tried to ignore her.  Then she started running up and down the stairs.  Then crying again.  Then dragging her favourite toy into the bedroom.  More running up and down the stairs.  Then mooching round the bedroom scuffling under the bed and into every corner.  I gave up and got up.  I sat on the sofa for a bit until Lily settled down to sleep in the bathroom - her usual night-time place. Then I went back to bed for a bit. Later when I got up and pulled back the living room curtains I found Lily in the window hammock - see blip shot.  She looks innocent enough but when she wants to be she can be like a naughty demanding child.

I didn't go out today but I managed to get on with a few chores including potting up some hanging baskets.  I've left them in the mini greenhouse for now until the weather warms up.

Watched a repeat of Maigret this evening starring Rowan Atkinson.  I don't think it was a great success when it was first shown but I enjoyed it.  Worth watching again as I couldn't remember the storyline.  I remember the original series from the 1960's starring Rupert Davies. Apparently the author Georges Simenon himself said of Davies "At last, I have found the perfect Maigret".  I wonder what he would have thought of Rowan Atkinson.

Musical link  - MAIGRET THEME -  By Ron Grainger

Steps today - 3,331

LOCKDOWN TOP 10  -NOTHING'S CHANGED - by The Calling.  Picked this title as for me nothing has changed since the lockdown rules were eased.  I'm still carrying on the same.

CORONA CLASSIC -  Simple Symphony, 1. Boisterous Bourreé - by Benjamin Britten

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