Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


I had a disturbed nights sleep but in the end I think I did get enough sleep even though it was fragmented. ( I certainly haven't felt tired today ). The first time I got up was around 4.50am and I took a shot of the lovely sunrise from my front window - see Extra.  I was up again around 7am, then around 11am and finally up for the day at 1pm. 

After my late breakfast I did a few chores and then went for a walk. The recipe I was making for my tea called for green beans but I didn't have any and I was just going to do without but as I was passing the Co-op I decided to pop in and get some.  There was one pack left but some of the beans were mouldy so I left it.  As I was walking round the shop I spotted some reduced items - sea bass, salmon and prawns all at £1 per pack.  I couldn't resist.  They are all in my freezer now.

It was nice to get out for a walk and I met a couple of people who stopped for a chat.  Complete strangers - but it was nice just to have a conversation with someone - anyone.( that wasn't a cat )

The weather was lovely - warm and sunny -  so when I got home I sat outside in the cat enclosure.  And I decided to blip it for the Wide Wednesday challenge "In My Backyard ".  When I got Tino and Lily they were indoor cats and I decided to keep it that way.  They weren't used to traffic and are an expensive breed so I didn't want them to be stolen.  So they lived solely indoors for a while until I got a patio door fitted in the dining room and then the large cat enclosure was built.  So they have the best of both worlds.  They spend a lot of time outdoors in fine weather.     They kept me company when I sat out this afternoon and I have added a collage of shots as an Extra,. They are also ( hidden ) in my main blip shot - Lily is under the steps at the end of the enclosure and Tino is under the white chair.  Thanks to RockArea for hosting the challenge.

Musical link IN THE CAGE - by Genesis

After sitting out for a while enjoying the sunshine I had to tear myself away to come indoors and make my tea.  It was a new recipe and took longer than I expected.  I was eating it at 7pm. 

My Asda delivery arrived at 7.30pm.  I did have a Tesco delivery last Saturday and ordinarily wouldn't have chosen to have two slots so close together.  But I picked my slots over 3 weeks ago when I was finding it difficult to get any slot at all so to get two was a bonus and I didn't want to pass up either of them.

Steps today - 10,003


CORONA CLASSIC - Edvard Grieg: Holberg Suite, Op. 40, Sarabande

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