Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


When I looked out of the kitchen window first thing I saw a little baby bird in the lilac tree.  Then an adult arrived to feed it.  The adult was back and forwards many times to feed its offspring.  Lovely to watch.  I did think first off that they were blue tits but after looking closely I see that they are Great Tits.

Musical link TWO LITTLE BIRDS - by Diyet and the Love Soldiers

I didn't achieve much today as I felt rather unwell.  Bit of a sore throat, stuffed up nose, headache ... could be a touch of hay fever maybe.  Anyway I had a nice nap this afternoon and felt better for it.

Watered all my pots and the newly planted hanging baskets.

8pm as usual on a Thursday I went out to clap with my neighbours.  Just after we started a take-away delivery van pulled in and drove right into the corner of The Close.  It seemed as though we were all clapping for him. So when he got out of his van he took a bow.  So funny.  Mind you I think quite a few of my neighbours would regard take-away delivery drivers as " key workers " as they get regular deliveries of hot food.

Steps today - 3,664

LOCKDOWN TOP 10  - WHY WORRY- by Dire Straits ( there is a long instrumental intro)


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