Dippy the diplodocus is in town.  Currently residing in The Great North Museum: Hancock in Newcastle.  He's there until 6th October so plenty of time to visit if you have a mind to.

The advice was to book a slot online so I did - my time slot was today at 2.45pm.  However when I got there the place was virtually empty.  I asked one of the staff who said that they didn't know how many people to expect each day - possibly hundreds at a time - so they decided on the pre- booking system.  But today was a quiet day. 

The fossilised skeleton from which Dippy was cast was discovered in Wyoming in 1898, and acquired by the Scottish-American industrialist Andrew Carnegie for his newly-founded Museum in Pittsburgh. The bones were soon recognised as a new species, and named Diplodocus carnegii.

The 292 cast pieces of the skeleton were sent to London in 36 crates, and the 70 ft long exhibit was unveiled on 12 May 1905. Dippy started a tour of British museums in February 2018.  Newcastle is the 5th stop on the tour.

In my Extras you can see the outside of the Museum and a larger view of Dippy's head.

THIS SONG was the obvious choice for a musical accompaniment.

After seeing Dippy I mooched around the rest of the museum and ended up in the shop where I spent £2 on a Dippy ballpoint pen. ( Last of the big spenders me )

Next I went to Waitrose for fruit before coming home.

The weather today was sunny and warm  but there was a cold wind at times and it was chilly when you were out of the sun.

Steps today - 10,184

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