A work in progress (Widwed200520)

I have gone for a literal interpretation for this week's Wide Wednesday. The patio in our back garden was next to the house, in the space now occupied by the conservatory, so we moved it to the far corner where it does at least see some sunshine.  We were sat outside this morning discussing where best to move the parasol base to - at the moment it obscures the view when folded down and the shadow needs to be further away from the fence.  Needs a couple more rows of slabs too, so definitely a work in progress.   Just for fun, I had the 17-40 lens and the big filters out for a play.  Even so - I've had to go for a three shot vertical panorama to get a wide enough  image.  In the extra: a closer look at one of the clematis flowers.

Very warm and dry out in the sun,  we were out on the bikes yesterday afternoon and by the time we were home my sore achilles had a lot to say for itself - so perhaps a recovery day is in order.

Thankfully no more photos of a youthful me have surfaced :-)

Thanks to Rock Area for hosting & setting the theme.

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