significant placement

Following a small clear-out of the various piles of stuff which have accumulated besides our various chairs over the past couple of weeks this carrot and its bag were sitting on a stool. It's the sort of thing Nicky does to remind herself to do something in the morning though it's usually a non-food object placed in the middle of the floor on a schoolnight rather than an edible thing on a stool on Saturday evening. It's probably just something she took to work but didn't eat and left in her bag for a few days too long. I tend to do the same thing with apples unless I take them out of my bag the minute I get to work so that I can see them and remember them though the disadvantage of that is that they grow warm and unpleasant throughout the morning whereas Nicky has the luxury of a fridge at work to keep lunch-things in (and a microwave to warm them with) which would be a much better place for a carrot than a bag. I think it's in the bin now as it was a bit uncrisp when I assessed it.

Popped to see Barry Lyndon this afternoon as the Filmhouse is showing a mini-season of Kubrick stuff and I'd heard the name before but had absolutely no idea what it was about. Not quite as crisply-filmed as some but worth watching and full of lots of odd appearances by people from other things. More stuff next week including the biggies that I'm too young to have seen at the cinema the first time round.

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