Woodpecker and Starling

Sometimes you do not have to work on an invisible black background, it just happens.
I had been taking thousands of shots of a dozen or so starlings with their young raiding the fat blocks, then Mr Woodpecker turned up, so I snapped a few of him too.  The way the sun caught him made the hedge behind very dark.  A miniscule of developing in PS, and a couple of photos just right to produce this image.  (A shot of the same nut feeder taken with flash is at the extra here.)
The shots of the starlings were pretty rubbish, mainly because they were through double glazing without the telephoto lens on the camera.  By the time I had realised that the telephoto was in the chair beside me they had just about finished and moved around to the back of the house.  I have included a composite of one determined starling at extras.
Busy day catching up on lots of housework.  Cleaned the cooker range which I should have done last Sunday, and mopped the kitchen floor which should have been done last month - sweeping and a lick and a promise just doesn’t do the job . . .
Falling behind with commenting again - will catch up shortly.

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