By Missycat

Day 60 Colourful

Today's offering began as an ICM shot of the roses that climb over an arch in our garden.  It was then taken to PS Elements to give it a bit of a swirl and then back to Picasa to brighten the colour with just a touch of Heat Map.  I don't have one particular favourite colour but in the garden I definitely veer towards pinks purples and blues.  I do like lots of foliage too. although I don't especially care for green to wear or for interior decoration.
Today M, our plumbing a heating engineer arrived masked and gloved to replace the offending pipe that caused yesterday's leak.  He pointed out that the basin's tap has had it and will be back in a few days to replace that as well.  He told us that his daughter is a nurse and health visitor, who was unable to get PPE from work sources so he has had to supply her with masks.
This afternoon I enjoyed a long virtual chat and coffee with my friend H.  I said before that I'm not a big fan of these visible on the screen meetings but I'm definitely getting used to it and we chatted for rather longer this week than previously.  Tomorrow I have my first meeting on Zoom, with the accountant, Mr MC and his former business partner, not quite as much fun as coffee and a chat!
This evening the usual clapping for carers took place, but we seemed to do rather less clapping and more (socially distanced) talking!

Many thanks to our host, Ingeborg, for her continued hosting.

I see that I've reached Day 60 of our  lockdown days.  Like the government, I need to start planning an exit strategy!

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