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Yesterday It Was Summer

Rain greeted me this morning when I got up - and when it eventually stopped (around 7 a.m.) we set off for our walk. However, no sooner had we stepped out of the door than the heavens opened again…but once you have got your dog ready for his walk you can’t not go! So we got a bit wet, but thankfully after about 10 minutes it stopped.

This was the view looking northwards up the footpath. You can see the motorway signal gantry on the left - the southbound carriageway is just the other side of the big fence and hedge. What you don’t get is any sense of is how fast the clouds were scudding across…but I didn’t have a tripod with me to take a longer exposure!

Not much achieved all day really, apart from pulling up dozens of bits of bindweed in the garden. Fighting a losing battle I know, but we are just overrun with the stuff.

Youngest granddaughter remains poorly, thanks for all your good wishes.

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