By strawhouse


A day at the dining room table for me today. Trying to get over my writer's block and actually get on with my book. 
Drama this morning when the dishwasher made a horrific death throe noise and then stopped working. I opened it and it was full of lovely brown water and all the dishes were covered with lovely greasy gravy water. Uuugghhhhh!! 
We had roast dinner last night and rather than tipping the gravy down the sink I tipped it into the bottom of the dishwasher. Never done that before and certainly won't be doing it again!!
After an hour it hadn't drained so I got everything out and washed it up by hand. 
Mr K searched on Google and thought it might be that something had been sticking out of the bottom of the cutlery thing. Apparently when the spinny things can't spin it cuts off and stops draining. 
We ran it through a few times empty and it seemed OK. 
Funnily enough we were talking about dishwashers with top cutlery racks yesterday and I said Mr K was hoping ours would break so he could get a new one. 
Oh my God this is the most boring Blip I have ever written.
Along with a picture of things in our downstairs loo! 
The big wooden boat from Dartmouth, the little one from the shop at Thornham deli and the bird from Stowe.
All those places we can't go.

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