At the Airport

Big day today for Mr K. He had his first day of work in Dublin.
He left for Birmingham airport at some ungodly hour this morning (4.30am apparently!!) I vaguely mumbled goodbye and kissed him before trying to go back to sleep. Of course, once he'd gone I was wide awake - it was too hot, too light and too early!!!
I got home from taking the Little Misses to school just after 9am. Just as I walked in the door I had a message from Mr K to say he'd landed. It's weird to think of him getting to work in another country in the time it took us to get up and get to school!
It wasn't the smoothest drop off ever. Miss E was complaining before we left that she felt ill and I gave her the option of staying at home. She wanted to go in so dragged herself to the car. When we were parked outside her school she worked herself up into a proper tizz not wanting to go in, wanting to go in, not wanting to make me cross, apparently dying of whatever the lurgy was....... I wasn't cross, just eager to get Miss L to school on time so I went in and told the office that Miss E wouldn't be in today!!
Then, when I dropped Miss L off, Mrs F knocked on the car window to let me know that Miss E, who Miss L had the sleepover with on Friday night, has got Scarlet Fever. Marvellous!!!!!  Mr K has been off work for almost five months and yet the first day he's back - in Dublin!!!! - Miss E's off sick and Miss L potentially has a proper nasty disease!!
I don't deal well with them being ill actually deal with it incredibly badly, panic and imagine all the horrific worst case scenarios so it's really Mr K's department. Oh well, we'll see. If she has it, I'll just have to be brave!!
Miss E took herself off to bed when we got home and I had a quiet lazy day - watching Greys Anatomy and writing my book until it was time to go and get Miss L.
Mr K had a pretty good first day by the sounds of it. Apart from being knackered and missing us!!!!
He doesn't like being away, bless him!
I sent the Little Misses off to bed, had spaghetti bolognaise for dinner, watched The Great British Menu, had to make my own hot chocolate - if you please!!! - and took myself off to bed at 10pm for an early night.
In the lovely huge, empty, non-snoring bed!!!
Miss you Mr K!!!!!!!

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