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Miss E borrows my phone periodically to take photos of school work to send to her teachers. She uses one of my old phones as a phone but the camera doesn't work. 
We had a couple of amazing emails from her school today, The first from her head of year:

I am writing to congratulate Miss E on her fantastic report. It is clear that she has built on the excellent start she made in the first term. Miss E has shown a consistently outstanding level of commitment across all her subjects and has achieved very high levels of success. This accomplishment deserves the highest praise. As a result, I am sure that she will come out the other side of this situation a more resilient young person.
Please pass on my congratulations to Miss E and let her know that her hard work is being recognised. I also hope that this helps to keep Miss E motivated over the remainder of this school year as I know that it has been a difficult second half to her first year at the school. 

And another one from her French teacher:

Several weeks into the system of remote teaching and learning I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with Miss E's French work so far. We have spent so much time chasing and helping those who are struggling that I thought it was time to recognise the efforts of students like her who have been well organized and thorough in their approach to the work. Could you please pass on my congratulations and long may it continue!

It's so fantastic to show her emails like that. She has been so good just getting her work done without any input from us. It's good to know that she is actually doing what we think she's doing in her study. And doing it well!!
I spent most of the day in the garden watching videos of Andrew Cotter commentating on his dogs and having Zoom meetings with them. Absolutely brilliant!
I had no idea that Andrew Cotter is so good looking........

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