As I took something in the region of 350 photos yesterday, I thought I'd scale back a bit today. I took exactly 13. Almost unheard of!!!

It's been very windy today with lots of smoke being driven through the valley - presumably from a heath fire, the second in only a few days! I got up late (I think I needed to catch up after yesterday's early start) and have had a slow at-home day. I reckon the wind could have blown Mum over, if we'd ventured out for a walk together! I was glad to be able to snatch a shot of a buzzard flying over and also the foal that I can see in the field.

The foal is over in my b&w journal

Huge thanks for all the wonderful comments, stars and hearts for yesterday's 'Dragonfly Hug' - very kind of you!

Stay safe, stay local and have a great bank holiday weekend!

Ann :))

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