By Teasel

Open Gate

I had to really dig deep today to find some motivation to get going with work.  It wasn’t easy.  A former colleague called me late morning and that really did make my day.  She works in a different part of the organisation now, but it was really nice to hear from her and we had a good chat – with not much work chat.  Sometimes it is these little things that have such a positive impact on you.

While I was struggling in the morning, I had to get myself sorted out by the afternoon as I had an important meeting and some urgent work to do.  While I had hoped to log off early, as ever I ended up working later than I wanted to.

We had pizza delivered today, which made for a nice easy tea.  TT threw a salad together, threw the pizzas in the oven and voila!

After clapping at 8pm, I headed out for a walk.  I decided to explore a path I had never been along before, but had seen others on it.  For some reason I had a fear that here might be a big gate at the end of it. I was right.  I was met by a big gate, chained and locked, with not a spare inch to slip around.  I didn’t fancy climbing over it, so had to retrace my steps.  I need to explore again, to find out an alternative.

I came home and started watching Normal People.  This is not the gate that I could not get through or over!  The extra is one of the pizzas - one of BB's highlight's of the week.

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