Dolly's Day

By dollydoug

Geordie - The kitchen gnome

 My lack of sleep finally caught up with me today and I have felt very tired.  Couldn't stir myself this morning but as I had nothing to get up for I just stayed in bed. 

Set the alarm for 2.30pm.  Had a late breakfast then settled down in front of the computer to watch another Newcastle United game from the archives on YouTube starting at 3pm..  This one was from Easter Monday 17th April 2006.  Sunderland v Newcastle played at The Stadium of Light.  Newcastle were terrible in the first half.  Mainly because Sunderland played well.  Half time score was Sunderland 1 Newcastle 0.  I guess Newcastle's  manager Glenn Roeder must have had strong words with his team at half time because they were much better in the second half and the final scoreline was Sunderland 1 Newcastle 4.  Alan Shearer yet again scored a penalty.  Turned out this was the last ever match he played for Newcastle.  This was always going to be his last season but he got injured in this game and never played again.  Sunderland finished bottom of the league and were relegated - much to the delight of every Newcastle fan. Sunderland are our bitter rivals. ( apologies to my blip friend KathGordon - a Sunderland supporter ).

Decided to blip Geordie - my Newcastle United gnome. He lives in the kitchen where I can see him every day. Maybe some might think he is silly so I chose him for my  Silly Saturday blip.  Thanks to admirer for hosting

Musical link THE GNOME - by Pink Floyd

After the match I felt weary again so I had a little nap before cooking my tea.  I had intended on doing something that took ages to cook but by now time was short so I had something quick. 

Another very windy day.  Tino and Lily haven't ventured out much as they aren't keen on the wind. 

Steps today - a pathetic 1,156

LOCKDOWN TOP 10  STAYING IN  by Juliana Hatfield

CORONA CLASSIC - Johann Strauss II - Egyptian March

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