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By Connections

A Young Visitor

Meet Luke, a 10-week old German Shepherd puppy!

No, he's not ours. Luke belongs to Phil's son T, who lives north of Seattle. T has had Luke for two weeks, and brought him up for an afternoon visit with us.

They are the first visitors we've had since the COVID-19 chaos began. We stayed outside, and I wore a face mask to remind myself not to get too close to T. Luke had plenty to explore in our back yard, and it was interesting to hear about what his first two weeks with T were like. He has settled in nicely!

Luke currently weighs 18 pounds (about 8 kilos), but may weigh as much as his father -- 80 pounds (about 36 kilos) -- when he's full grown.

I think of myself as a "cat person," having had several felines over the decades, but I was very impressed by this calm, curious puppy! 

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