A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Pots on the wall

 Damp and uninspiring grey skies until mid afternoon didn’t inspire going anywhere even the garden today. 
I was surprised to see a large flower on one of my newly planted Alliums, much bigger than the ones in flower in the back, already recorded on blip. I hope they all come up like that next year. Also we’ve had a large moth on the back door all day, not idea what’s it is - both good macro practise - extra.

As it has now brightened up I took the opportunity to blip the pots that Chris has put on the wall down the drive. The pansies are the ones that had the flags in for VE day but the smaller ones are filled with the bedding plants we got last Monday at our local garden centre.

Busy Bank Holiday Monday in the U.K. tomorrow, hope everyone stays put and stays safe, it seems our village is increasingly being chosen for large groups to visit which makes social distancing very difficult.

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