Common Enchantments

By MaryElizaR

Crested Flycatcher

Several days ago on the 19th I posted a photo of this crested flycatcher in my extras.   Yesterday I happened to see it fly out of the bluebird house on the pole that has this wire!   WHAT!!!    So I went outside, got the ladder and looked down in the hole.   Could not see any eggs but I did see what looked like a SNAKESKIN!    Now I don't know if the flycatcher put the snakeskin in the nest to build it or if the snake got in it and died.  I think a snake would have been able to crawl out if it got in so I am going with nest building material.   I only snapped one photo with the phone because I really did not want the momma bird to get upset.

So now we have seen it coming and going but have not clue if eggs are there or if she is still nest building.  She is pretty quick and I can't ever see if anything like food is in her beak.  I definitely will be buying some meal worms to supplement our regular bird seed.    

We saw a hummingbird yesterday but it did not stay here but two seconds!   

It is very, very hot here today...around 90F (32C) and humid.  Some clouds that might become a late afternoon thunderstorm.  I hope it rains and then cools off so I can get a walk later.   I had been walking over 15 miles most weeks but now I will be lucky to get for each day of the week. 

I really hate summer.   Have I already mentioned that?  I probably sound like a broken record!   Even the dog does not like to go outside.  She lays on the tile floor of the dining area near the a/c vent!!       I checked the weather where my son lives in North Carolina and they are much, much cooler than we are.   Maybe we should take the camper up there and live in his yard!!      Or take the camper to somewhere like Maine...or Wisconsin!    

A Summertime song...

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