This is not my normal style or subject for photography, but spending so much time at home (and with the new macro lens) I am beginning to experiment. 

Having seen the bugs on my rose buds yesterday, I was looking around for more bugs today, and found this caterpillar chomping its way slowly through a leaf. I gave up with hand holding - I couldn't keep myself steady enough, and the shady location required a high ISO producing far too much noise for a natural history photograph.  So I mounted the camera, with 105mm macro lens and 65mm of extension tubes, on a tripod and took 10 focus-stacked images.  Fortunately the caterpillar barely moved during this time (although I had to wait a lot for the leaf to stop moving in the light breeze). 

It would have been easier to cut off the leaf and take it indoors to photograph it in totally still air, but that feels a bit like cheating.

For information, the caterpillar was about 8mm long.

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