Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


I have been getting e mails regularly from Iceland telling me that as " a valued customer " I now had priority access to their online delivery slots from 9am to 11am every day.  So this morning I set my alarm and was ready to go sitting at my computer at 9am sharp.  I had already made a list so I was able to complete my order in the time allowed ... you get one hour which sounds a lot but when you are ducking and diving around the site and checking different options an hour goes quickly.  Anyway my shopping will be delivered on Wednesday.

I went back to bed - but Jackie next door had decided to mow her back lawn so I couldn't sleep. Got up, had breakfast, did a few jobs and fell asleep on the sofa for a couple of hours.  Then I cleaned the patio doors, took down the curtains and washed them, ironed fresh curtains and put them up. 

This evening I phoned a friend whose husband is in hospital.  He hadn't been feeling well for a while and finally went to A & E yesterday and was admitted. Of course my friend wasn't allowed to stay with him and had to come straight home.  With it being Bank Hol today its been a bit of a wasted day and he is going to have some tests tomorrow,  She is going to keep me updated.  Apart from the circumstances it was nice to have a chat with her.

One other thing happened today - my new Adidas trainers arrived. I already have a few pairs from this brand - I always buy the Adidas Bounce ones as I find them to be very comfortable.

I was amused to read the " blurb " on the website .........

" A supportive shoe for the fast - moving urban runner. These dynamic running shoes for women offer outstanding traction, cushioning and fit that's tailored to the streets.  A wide forefoot delivers increased surface contact for added stability, and a grippy rubber outsole is ideal for dodging urban obstacles."

The words on the shoe are rather fanciful too... " Designed to feel the pulse of your city and experience the unexpected energy of the streets"

Well forget all that --- in my book they are just a pair of shoes and I will just be walking around in them ( not running ) and hopefully won't have to dodge any " urban obstacles".

Musical link - MY ADIDAS  - by RUN-DMC ( I was amazed to find a song with Adidas in the title )

Steps today - 4,737

LOCKDOWN TOP 10 MY WAY by Sid Vicious  (Another song for Dominic Cummings.  This version is horrendous - so I thought it was more appropriate than Frank Sinatra's original )

CORONA CLASSIC Mozart, Concerto No.3 in D major

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