I didn't heed the WARNING.

Had to go to the Metrocentre today to pick up an Ebay parcel which had been delivered there.  After collecting my parcel I went to The Works - just to see if anything caught my eye.  I ended up buying the plastic  warning notice on the left of my blip shot.  Thought it was fun. 

The words on it really don't apply here as there is no-one to feed me chocolate and cakes ..... except myself.  I have had a really bad few days as far as the Slimming World  Plan goes.  The slide into unhealthy eating started on Thursday when I had an ice cream in Harrogate and then when I got home I " hit the chocolate".  Thought I might get back on " plan " on Friday but I was tempted by a fruit scone and jam in Alnmouth.  More chocolate and biscuits when I got home.  ( and crisps)  ( and liquorice )

Today has been no better.  In my blip  shot you can see some of the goodies I bought today - a box of Maltesers, 4 ice cream cones, 2 lemon and mascarpone cheesecake slices, raspberry Eton Mess and Milky Bars. (  I also bought a box of 12 Toffifee which didn't make it home as I ate them all at the Metrocentre ! )  Can't seem to stop myself eating junk.  Hopefully I will snap out of this silly phase and get back to being focused on losing weight very soon.  Musical theme by Bow Wow Wow.

Thanks to admirer for hosting Silly Saturday.

Steps today - 9,510

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