Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


Not much to report today - in fact nothing to report.  Did nothing and went nowhere.   A bit of a wasted day.  But I felt weary and had no motivation to do anything.  So I have watched TV and that's about it.

Oh - I did find my Senior Railcard.  It was lost - and now it isn't.  That's a result as I am just about ready to book trains to Sussex and back.

Becky and Mike did The Westminster Mile this morning.  Becky's time was 6 mins 12 seconds.  I'm impressed.

Took my blip shots first thing.  Tino and Lily were both on the windowsill when I opened my bedroom curtains so I took the easy option for a blip entry.

Musical link by the great TOM JONES (  His real name is Thomas John Woodward. He and I have the same birthday - although he is 11 yrs older than me )

Steps today -4,649

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