BikerBear's Blips

By BikerBear

Just ......

 ........... a three and a bit week old rose up close and personal.

See here for my longevity theory ....

Smile for the Day  -  Signs in Shops/Offices:

In the Vet's waiting room    -    Sit!  Stay!!

In the dry cleaners window    -    Drop your pants here.

On the maternity room door    -    Push.  Push.  Push.

Boom Boom!


~ Anni ~

Thank you, Wendy, for hosting this month.

Today I should have been jetting off to ''places foreign'' on my latest 18 day WBBN (Where's BikerBear Now?) adventure  -  obviously that is not happening    >sad face< 
A lot of us have had to cancel wedding, travel and family event plans, in 2020,  because of CV19 but that is nothing compared to the hundreds of thousands of deaths worldwide - I consider myself lucky to still be here and able to make plans for the future.

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