NHS floral clock

I photographed the progress on the floral clock on my route home from my morning walk today. I wonder whether this year's theme was always meant to be the NHS, or whether another worthy cause was ousted to allow us to show appreciation for all those who are caring for us through the coronavirus pandemic?

It was very tempting to take the tandem out again for another long ride today. I'm technically on leave this week (and should be in the Outer Hebrides on my single bike), so this would have been perfectly legitimate. However, there are a few things brewing at work at the moment, so I felt that the sensible option would be to take a good look at my email inbox and deal with some of the issues festering there. With the good weather set to continue over the next few days, I didn't feel too sorry for myself when Mr hazelh set off to the garden to sunbathe without me. We are planning a long bike ride for tomorrow afternoon :-)

I also made some more progress on my secret recreational project - all to be revealed in due course ;-)

Exercise today: walking (15,882 steps).

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