By hazelh

Gullane beach

When you can't have the beaches of the Outer Hebrides, those of East Lothian will just have to do.

Mr hazelh and I cycled out for a sunbathe on Gullane beach this afternoon. This photograph gives the impression that we had miles of sand to ourselves (which may well have been the case had we been on the Isle of Lewis today as planned). However, there were lots of families strewn out on the sand behind us, and quite a few people paddling and swimming in the sea on each side of this shot. We stayed on the beach as long as we could stand the heat, then jumped back onto the tandem for the return to Edinburgh.

This evening we road-tested our new barbecue with a mini-feast from Crombies: a scrummy meal of sausages, burgers, kebabs, and salad.

The non-fun part of the day comprised a morning of composing emails to postpone (again) the event that Bruce and I should have delivered on 19th March - to November(!) and making plans for the writing and submission of a grant proposal when I return to work after my 'holiday'.

Exercise today: walking (16,863 steps); 40 mile tandem ride.

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