By iaint


I had a difficult day in the Office. Covid 19 overload.

One little gem was a discussion with a lovely pub owner who would like to prepare for re-opening when outside-only trading is allowed. However, she knows 20% of the customers would not respect social distancing, would cause trouble, would drive the other 80% away, and it would all be her fault. 

Sadly she is right. She will stay shut. It was one of those pleasant discussions where you agree on everything, but the reality of the end result is demoralising. 

When I was speaking to my friend on the phone the other day I realised I had not had any alcohol for 2-3 weeks. Tonight, I decided to be brave and go into a shop to buy some cider. I have no idea when I last drank that. 

It all went well, apart from there being a small range to choose from and the best of a poor choice having an unfortunate brand name. I felt drinking it from a Swedish beer glass would de-stigmatise me.   

Remember when we used to get beer adverts on TV?


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