An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Water pearls...

Backblipped 27.05.20

Spent more time on the report for the family.  They also sent me their own report so I merged their information and mine to make one complete report and sent it back to them for their approval.  

I really hope this will help the situation.  Can you imagine being told you can no longer live within your own home, in your community with your family and friends nearby and must move over three hours away to live with people you don't know, haven't chosen to live with, and be reliant on people who don't know you, or how to communicate with you, not just to give you a decent quality of life, but to keep you safe and alive?  Or imagine it happening to one of your children?  Actually don't even try, because it will tear your heart out.

Spent a little while painting and photographing these cow parsley stems in water before making a beef stir fry for tea.  Oh, and a little pink gin to finish off the weekend :-))

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