An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Lost lavender...

Backblipped 27.05.20

Suddenly realised there are a few birthdays coming up including a couple of special ones, so spent the afternoon sketching out plans for birthday cards.  

David, in the meantime, spent the afternoon in the garden removing the dead lavender plants, which, due to a combination of our lack of knowledge and laziness, had gotten woody and stringy so they had to go.  I have now read up profusely on the care of lavender so hopefully the new plants, once they are put in (I give no deadline for that!) will fare better!

Chicken kebabs in Peri Peri sauce with Mexican rice for dinner.  Good old fusion cooking :-))  Again I enjoyed the ritual of preparing and chopping the ingredients.  There's something oddly satisfying about shoving a sharp, metal kebab skewer through a chunk of chicken breast and imagining it's Dominic Cummings' black heart. 

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