By TheOttawacker

All hail the new King of Technology

Having spent the morning parsing French verbs with his stroppy and rather inconsiderate father, Ottawacker Jr. decided the noon hour called for a moment of détente and so spent an hour on Zoom with his good friend Daaniyal. 

Having been sat at the table 20 minutes previously with strict instructions to not touch the fragile laptop I had loaned him (my tasks took me to the laundry room), I was somewhat amazed to find him reclined on a sofa in the sun room, holding forth on the consistency of Shrek's swamp (or it may potentially have been the sagwala curry I made last week).

I don't know why I bother issuing diktats; I mean, if he is going to go all Dominic Cummings on me, where will it end?

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