By TheOttawacker

Schooling in the 21st century

It's all very different from when I were a lad. Back then, I used to get up at 6.30, get me own breakfast, dress and go to the bus stop, where I used to get the 68 if I were lucky (my friends were on that one) or the 61 if I weren't. Get off at Aigburth Vale and walk a mile down Aigburth Road to the school. Then I'd be sat in a class with 30 other lads, not daring to talk, being called by me surname, repeating amo, amas, amat by rote, playing football after school, then walking back down AIgburth Road to get the 61  if I were lucky, it were quicker, or the 68 if I were tired, it stopped closer to our house. Then I'd do me 2 hours' homework and go to bed. 

It were brilliant.

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